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Our First Machine

Before he could finish the work, he starting thinking about finding a better way to effortlessly and efficiently strip the insulation from copper wire. Rather than buying a different machine, he had a machine built to his specifications. He had no plans for making any more stripping machines. But whenever he was redeeming clean wire at local scrap yards, he'd find himself questioned by  electricians who were looking for ways to efficiently strip their own copper wire. It wasn't long before Dilegge and his partner were mass-producing wire strippers and selling them to local electricians and others who needed to cleanly strip copper wire. Once he realised there was a market for an automatic wire stripping machine, he seized the opportunity and started making and marketing his  automatic wire strippers. The first prototype took a year to perfect before it was ready to market.


Today the company has sold over 15,000 automatic wire strippers, all carefully assembled by Dilegge's staff. Working from its Burlington, Ont manufacturing center, Copper Wire Stripper continues to innovate, and improve on an already successful product. Recent activities have resulted in CSA and UL certification of the product. The introduction of our Wire Stripper Jr. (CWS-3) has been a great success with electricians and DIY'ers all over North America.

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The Beginning of Copper Wire Strippers

Carlo Dilegge and his business partner, Americo Gizzi, were working as plumbers while buying and selling scrap as a sideline when they came across a deal to buy the assets from an electrical company - most of it was copper wire. When the wire arrived in Canada, where Dilegge had his business, he realized that while that wire was UL approved for use in the U.S., most of it wasn't approved for use in Canada. Dilegge knew that the wire was worth considerably more as scrap if it was stripped, so he started processing the wire with a machine he had purchased.

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